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Able Internet CIS

Able CIS

Able CIS provides two CIS HMRC compliant solutions for contractors and accountants. Solution 1 is for Oracle, SAP, Windows, Linux and bespoke CIS package users who already have a CIS package running but need the monthly CIS e-filing return service in order to comply with the HMRC's new CIS requirements which start in April 2007. Solution 2 is a complete CIS package. Both systems are 100% Internet based with secured SSL connections, as secure and reliable as Internet banking.

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CIS E-Filing

Solution 1 will work side by side with your current Oracle, SAP, Windows, Linux, or your own bespoke CIS systems. It provides e-filing of CIS monthly returns to the HMRC.

To e-file your new monthly CIS 300 returns you simply save your CIS 300 output in a spreadsheet / CSV file and then upload it to our server via the secure http Internet connection. Once the file has been uploaded we will automatically convert it into the HMRC required XML format and e-file it for you. The process is very straightforward and very simple to use. HMRC records show that our e-filing system has scored a 99.99% success rate.

Auto-tax rate updates for your subbies are now possible: An additional feature of the system is that it helps you to verify your current or additional sub-contractors tax and deduction categories. You place your subbies details in a spreadsheet / CSV file and upload it to our system, we will in turn tell you the tax categories of each subbie in a CSV file. You can then download the verified data in a CSV file and directly import it into your CIS database and conduct the direct tax status update without needing to key in the details. The accuracy and speed of your data transfer is second to none with our system. For more details click here

Live Testing : To give you peace of mind we have set up a live test facility to reassure you that our system is fully operational now and today. (Testing to the HMRC test server is only for HMRC authorised developers. It is done using our HMRC Developer ID, or your own ID, with our given test data, or your data, and links to the HMRC VSIPS server, which emulates the live service). The testing can be done with your data and very simple.

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Solution 2 is a complete end to end CIS software package solution for contractors or accountants. It runs 100% over the Internet and is fully HMRC compliant. What you need to do is to log on to the Internet, enter the sub-contractor's invoice and the VAT amounts into the system, we will then calculate the Payments and Deductions for you.

Monthly CIS e-filing is simple: At month end we will automatically compile the CIS 300 monthly return for you. With a click of the button your monthly returns will be e-filed to the HMRC. Once e-filed you can generate all kinds of reports and/or export the data to your accounting package.

Sub-contractors Internet Account: You can create Internet accounts for your sub-contractors. Once created the sub-contractors can log on to view and print their respective current and previous Payments and Deductions at anytime. With the same Internet account the sub-contractors can also directly submit their periodical invoices directly into the system saving you from having to enter the data. You can approve or reject the invoices. Once approved they can then be processed.

Should the invoices include material elements, a VAT registered subbie and a non VAT registered subbie will be paid differently. The system will automatically work this out for you.

Auto-tax status verifications and updates: The system helps you to validate any current sub-contractors or new contractors in batch or individually and then further automatically updates the tax status (match, not match, 18%, 30% or 0%) into the respective subbie records. This in turn is instantly reflected in the payment and deduction calculation.

The system includes an optional HMRC recognised payroll and P11D package. It automatically reconciles your monthly or quarterly CIS and Payroll amounts due to the HMRC in one package.

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