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    Efficient Payroll with Assurance

    Proven HMRC-Recognised Cloud system since 2012,
    Supported by UKAS ISO/IEC 27001 & ISO 9001 Accreditation Since 2010,
    able-payroll   HMRC recognised
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    A Unique UK Cloud Based

    Combine Payroll with Pension in one click. HMRC recognised.
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    Fully Compliant with
    The Pensions Regulator

    Our WPP solution adheres fully to The Pensions Regulator's requirements
  • able-payroll

    Supports all Pension
    Providers in UK

    Furnishes Pension Contribution data to all major Workplace Pension Providers
  • able-payroll

    Widely used for
    more than 12 years

    A secure payroll solution trusted for more than 12 years
  • able-payroll

    Employee Log in

    Employees can log in to access Payslips, P11d, P60, P45,
    WPP Reports and lot more
  • able-payroll

    Mobile App access
    anywhere you go

    • Free Payslip
    • Free WPP Letters & Reports
    • Free P11d, P60, P45 Reports
    • Free MTD VAT Mobile App
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    White Labelling Services
    to suit you

    Easy to set up and customise White labelling services
  • able-payroll

    Complete Payroll and
    WPP process in one click

    • Payroll and WPP combined in one process
    • Comprehensive AE Salary Sacrifice provided
    • HMRC Recognised
    • Complies with TPR specifications
    • Fully Cloud based
    • Proven for more than 12 years
  • able-payroll

    Supports End-to-End
    Bureau Services

    Now its easy to manage all your clients in one place

Services We Provide

Fully Cloud-based RTI Payroll

Integrated Work Place Pension



Employee Payroll Internet A/C

Employee Mobile App

integrated P11D and CIS

Bulk Timesheet Process

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Able PayBureau

Suitable for Unlimited clients and Ideal for running a Pay Bureau Service

Able Multisites

Run an entire network of office's Payroll over the Internet.

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About Us

Complete Payroll and AE in one process

Able internet payroll has integrated the robust and user friendly combination of both Payroll and Auto Enrolment (AE) in one process, thus avoiding tiresome and time consuming middleware processes. Our team has designed the software empowering you with Payroll and Automatic Enrolment executed simultaneously with one click. At the end of each pay run, the data provided in your current payroll, will also be made available to you in the middleware system.

Payroll package with Auto Enrolment Function Inbuilt: All the function related to Automatic Enrolment pension are inbuilt in our software. Our application provides you with all the communication letters related to eligible job holders, non-eligible job holders, entitled workers, any opt out letters etc. We also provide you with the CSV file for submitting your Automatic Enrolment contribution data and the amount you need to pay to the pension provider which is efficiently calculated by our software. Moreover, the combined process of handling new joiner, leaver and the employee Automatic Enrolment opt in and opt out process in the payroll system are much more accurate, less laborious and less prone to error as compared to the individual process.

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Able Internet Payroll empowers you to prepare for Automatic Enrolment with ease, We enable you to Assess your employees and manage communication effectively.


A quick and easy way to view your payslips is now available using a simple Mobile App that runs on Android devices.


" A very powerful solution at an amazingly great price. Friendly technical support walked me right through my few configuration issues. Searched high and low for a solution, just wish I had found it 6 months earlier. Meets my needs to track a small part-time staff. I just plug in the hours and payslips are generated including holiday tracking. Exactly what I needed. Thanks. "

- James, Director

" I love the Payroll system its easy to use even for first timers like me. Cheaper then paying your accountant or other systems. And i like it also because i have the management control so i know whats happening and have control. I like that its web based and also allowed me to start my payroll from 2009 to 2010 and also i had made some mistakes and i was able to do a rollback easily also had same employee twice and was able to delete one very very easily. The joy of seeing P60 come off my printer. "

- Raj, Director